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Decoration, Robin Red Breast, Christmas Decoration, Winter Robin, Copper Wire Bird, Home Decor, Metal Wire Art, Wall Art, Yule, Festive


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Necklace, Dewy Leaf, Copper Pendant, Wire Jewelry, Leaf Pendant, Elven, Wire Wrapped, Pastel Green, Dew Drops Pendant, Copper Wire Necklace


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Suncatcher, Ocean Crest, Geometric Decor, Circle, Abstract Wall Art, Sea Bubbles, Circular, Garden Metal Art, Copper Home Decor, Water, Sea


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Necklace, Autumn Haze, Orange Beaded, Copper Wire Work, Faerie, Elvish Jewelry, Statement Necklace, Pagan Wedding, Bridal Necklace


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Hanging Mobile, Geometric Mobile, Wire Art, Woodland Mobile, Decoration, Dew Drops, Copper Mobile, Abstract Mobile, Wire Wrap, Home Decor


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Suncatcher, Aqua Blue Dragonfly, Copper Dragonfly, Crystal Suncatcher, Copper Wire Art, Window Decoration, Copper Home Decor, Glass Art


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Bringing nature to life with wire art

Hand-made in the UK, designer Nicola brings nature to life through wire art. Creating suncatchers, hanging mobiles, decorations, wire work jewellery, bookmarks, sculptures, wall art and craft tutorials. Working with semi-precious gemstones, glass and copper metal.