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Suncatcher, Aqua Blue Dragonfly, Copper Dragonfly, Crystal Suncatcher, Copper Wire Art, Window Decoration, Copper Home Decor, Glass Art


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Hanging Mobile, Rain Cloud Mobile, Luxury Baby Mobile, Wire Cloud Decoration, Cloud Decor, Cloud Wall Decals, Cloud Nursery, Wire Wall Art


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Botanical Wall Art, Oak Leaf, Wire Acorn, Hanging Decoration, Copper Wire Work, Glass Rain Drops, Wire Wall Art, Copper Home Decor, Wire Art


Item collection il fullxfull.1089860689 fg4g

Bracelet, Seashore Treasure, Leather Wrap, Hipster Gift, Copper Cuff, Ocean, Boho Jewellery, Hipster Bracelet, Steampunk, Beach Jewelry


Item collection il fullxfull.1071050347 glts

Decoration, Long Tailed Tit, Wall Decor, British Birds, Copper Bird Decor, Interior Decoration, Little Birdie, Cute, Wire Wall Art, Garden


Item collection il fullxfull.1016839116 n3it

Suncatcher, Autumn Bliss, Love Heart, Copper Home Decor, Orange Suncatcher, Hanging Hearts, Wire Work, Garden Art, Heart Ornament, Wall Art


Item collection il fullxfull.960801202 r50s

Necklace, Ocean Waves, Copper Wire Jewelry, Aqua Ocean, Abstract Necklace, Ocean Waves, Sea Jewellery, Wire Wrapped, Beaded Necklace,


Item collection il fullxfull.1093640655 ck4o

Necklace, Moss of the Woods, Elven Jewellery, Copper Wire Work, Moss Agate, Woodland, Folk Style, Earthy, Wire Scroll Design, Forest


Item collection il fullxfull.1084480751 ajsj

Suncatcher, English Rose, Hanging Love Heart, Pink Girly, Gifts for Sister, Pink Love Heart, Feminine, Sparkly Suncatcher, Crystal Decor


Item collection il fullxfull.1019246033 cgw1

Suncatcher, Willow Dragonfly, Copper Decor, Green Suncatcher, Garden Art, Wire Dragonfly, Copper Wire, Metal, Wire Wall Art, Whimsical Decor


Item collection il fullxfull.1054159025 mmbc

Bracelet, Sea Spray, Ocean Jewelry, Fluorite Bangle, Beaded Bangle, Blue, Copper Wire Jewellery, Labradorite Bracelet, Turquoise, Wire Wrap


Item collection il fullxfull.1045872121 rxh3

Necklace, Leafy Drop, Rain Necklace, Dew Drops Necklace, Copper Wire Jewelry, Chinese Jade Necklace, Wire Necklace, Moonstone Jewelry, Green


Item collection il fullxfull.1002261452 sy5o

Hanging Mobile, Abstract Mobile, Rain Storm, Geometric Mobile, Rain Drops, Wire Art, Cobalt Blue Suncatcher, Cloud Mobile, Copper Art, Glass


Item collection il fullxfull.993463100 25qs

Botanical Wall Art, Hazel Leaf, Copper Leaf, Leaf Wall Art, British Hazel Tree, Green Peridot Decor, Leaf Art, Copper Wire Decor, Wire Leaf


Item collection il fullxfull.963095194 7mdh

Hanging Mobile, Woodland Mobile, Hazel Leaves, Botanical Art, Wire Mobile, Green Stone, Copper Art, Lime Green Crystal, Hanging Decor


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Necklace, Dewy Leaf, Copper Pendant, Wire Jewelry, Leaf Pendant, Elven, Wire Wrapped, Pastel Green, Dew Drops Pendant, Copper Wire Necklace


Item collection 1fbde1eb b651 491a acd4 e888a26f8396

Necklace, Autumn Haze, Orange Beaded, Copper Wire Work, Faerie, Elvish Jewelry, Statement Necklace, Pagan Wedding, Bridal Necklace


Item collection il fullxfull.1082136725 g1n5

Hanging Mobile, Spring Leaves, Green Verdigris Copper, Home Decor, Metal Wall Art, Woodland, Leafy Green, Kinetic Mobile, Forest Leaves


Item collection il fullxfull.977298092 cutu

Botanical Wall Art, Woodland Fern, Window Decor, Enchanted Forest, Suncatcher, Nature, Copper Wire Wrap, Chinese Jade, Moss Agate, Garden


Item collection il fullxfull.970138596 csvt

Suncatcher, Woodland Butterfly, Copper Wire Butterfly, Wire Insect, Copper Wire Work, Window Decoration, Butterfly Wall Art, Window Art


Item collection il fullxfull.1042126230 3uh4

Hanging Mobile, Rain Drops, Abstract Mobile, Window Decor, Geometric Wall Art, Blue Suncatcher, Window Art, Copper Wire Art, Glass Wall Art


Item collection il fullxfull.916290407 rctt

Earrings, Moss of the Woods, Delicate, Woodland Jewelry, Elvish, Copper Jewellery, Faerie, Folklore, Moss Agate Earrings, Wire Wrapped


Item collection il fullxfull.997240302 ej7h

Necklace, Little Leaves, Layering, Copper Bar, Crystal, Bib Necklace, Leaf, Copper Jewelry, Dangle, Bohemian, Drop, Statement, Woodland


Item collection il fullxfull.1027732040 eqpd

Suncatcher, Robin Red Breast, Winter, Snowy Branch, Copper Wire Bird, Crystal Suncatcher, Hanging Decoration, Metal Mobile, Christmas Decor


Item collection il fullxfull.1066598891 9v3w

Suncatcher, Speckled Wood, Metal Butterfly, Copper Garden Art, Window Decoration, Home Decor, Butterfly Art, Wire Decor, Hanging Butterfly


Item collection il fullxfull.1020691276 9ubx

Suncatcher, Rain Cloud, Glass Rain Drops, Cloud Mobile, Copper Wire Art, Garden Art, Cobalt Blue, Whimsical Cloud, Wire Wall Art, Window Art


Item collection il fullxfull.873944122 95t9

Love Heart, English Rose, Hanging Heart, Decoration, Home Decor, Garden Art, Outdoor Wire Art, Moonstone, Garnet Stone, Suncatcher, Wirework


Item collection il fullxfull.948425656 2w0a

Hanging Mobile, Dew Drops, Woodland Mobile, Copper Mobile, Rain Drops Mobile, Wire Wall Art, Wire Home Decor, Wood Mobile, Abstract Mobile


Item collection il fullxfull.1088670141 r584

Hanging Mobile, Oak Leaves, Woodland Mobile, Botanical Art, Metal Mobile, Hanging Decor, Wire Wall Art, Red Stone, Copper Wire Decor


Item collection il fullxfull.1086943489 rz3n

Suncatcher, Malachite Butterfly, Glass Wall Art, Wire Butterfly, Copper Home Decor, Wire Art, Green Suncatcher, Wire Wall Decor, Lime Orange


Item collection il fullxfull.1074272941 e0cb

Suncatcher, Scarlet Darter Dragonfly, Window Art, Copper Wire Wall Art, Garden Decor, Moonstone, Red Carnelian, Dragonfly Suncatcher, Honey


Item collection il fullxfull.957979104 iehf

Hanging Mobile, Geometric Mobile, Wire Art, Woodland Mobile, Decoration, Dew Drops, Copper Mobile, Abstract Mobile, Wire Wrap, Home Decor


Item collection il fullxfull.1086945679 sdju

Suncatcher, Peacock Butterfly, Copper Wall Art, Outdoor Metal Art, Wire Butterfly, Hanging Decoration, Glass Wall Art, Home Decor, Wire Art


Item collection il fullxfull.1087024389 7x6t

Suncatcher, Beautiful Demoiselle Dragonfly, Metallic Blue, Azure Green, Hanging Decoration, Garden Art, Window Decor, Copper Wire Work


Item collection il fullxfull.923311107 y7cs

Suncatcher, Sea Shore, Copper Wire Art, Love Heart, Hanging Heart, Rustic, Ocean Art, Turquoise, Home Decor, Driftwood, Outdoor Metal Art


Item collection il fullxfull.989552930 ry8c

Suncatcher, Ocean Crest, Geometric Decor, Circle, Abstract Wall Art, Sea Bubbles, Circular, Garden Metal Art, Copper Home Decor, Water, Sea


Item collection il fullxfull.1047092064 mko4

Decoration, Robin Red Breast, Christmas Decoration, Winter Robin, Copper Wire Bird, Home Decor, Metal Wire Art, Wall Art, Yule, Festive


Item collection il fullxfull.847322621 awpo

Suncatcher, Rain Drops, Wire Wall Art, Glass Wall Art, Summer Garden, Water Drops, Outdoor Metal Art, Copper Home Decor, Crystal Suncatcher,


Item collection il fullxfull.1077081841 2bqc

Suncatcher, Rainy Days, Copper Wire Cloud, Hanging Mobile, Rain Droplets, Wire Wall Art, Cloud Nursery, Window Decor, Rain Mobile, Weather


Bringing nature to life with wire art

Hand-made in the UK, designer Nicola brings nature to life through wire art. Creating suncatchers, hanging mobiles, decorations, wire work jewellery, bookmarks, sculptures, wall art and craft tutorials. Working with semi-precious gemstones, glass and copper metal.